979 – Saying “No” To A Street Charity Worker

How can we, with our brand new Iphones and high definition flat screens refuse to donate just £5, to people that actually need it.

It’s easy to forget that there are people in the world that far less fortunate than you. Most of us live in relative luxury (in comparison to hungry orphans anyway), yet we pretend that  the world’s problems have nothing to do with us.

Deep down you know ignoring the choice to help is wrong. Maybe that’s why saying “No” to a charity worker is so hard. They run up to you on the street, look you square in the eye and force you to actually think about people with far bigger problems than your own. They tell you the gut wrenching facts like “1 in 5 children in [insert 3rd world country] has no access to clean water”, and that by donating the equivalent of just a pint of beer a month, you WILL be helping to solve that problem.

This is when things get awkward. You know you don’t wan’t to donate anything, but, you know that your reasons for refusing to help are (quite often) selfish. You know that you can afford to help. You know that by refusing to help you are essentially telling some poor people in some third world country to go screw themselves. You might even start to feel a little guilty.

You start throwing out excuses “Oh, I can’t afford it right now”, “Eehh, I just lost my job you know”, “I’m sorry I’ve really got to go”. Those rarely ever work, they’ve heard it all before and they always have an answer for it. Eventually it all boils down to the fact that you are refusing to help a good cause, only because you don’t want to. It’s selfish and you know it.

Rejecting a street charity fund-raiser…AWKWARD!!!