980 – Caught Lying Red-Handed

Everybody lies.

Some people tell bigger lies than others, some tell lots of small pointless lies and some rare individuals actually make a living out of it.
Lying can actually be healthy. I can build relationships (For example: “I love you” or “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had” – the two most common lies in the world :P) and a little white lie can get you out of trouble. Things become extremely awkward for you when people start probing your poorly constructed bullsh*t and your house of cards comes crashing down.

Some people never admit that they’re lying despite the insurmountable damning evidence. They’d rather keep up a lie and in fact lie even more than admit that they are being deceitful. The motto is “Deny! Deny! Deny. It doesn’t matter how obvious it is that I’m telling a lie, I’ll still deny“. Cheating boyfriends for example are masters at this, and sadly quite often, so are the girlfriends being cheated on. The alternative, admitting that you lied, never really crosses the liar’s mind unless they have absolutely no choice (some would still maintain that they’re telling the truth). Maybe it’s an ego thing.

Admitting and apologising for lying are awkward to deal with on their own, but in this situation those are not the most awkward moments. No. The most awkward moment for a liar happens at exactly that moment when somebody asks them the one question that they know they have no concrete answer for (every bad lie has a glaring weak spot) and they start to realise that they very close to being exposed. They’ll spin more lies to try and cover it up, but you almost always know when the jig is up, everything starts to smell like bad fish. 😛

Getting caught in a lie…AWKWARD!!!

BTW, who lies more; men or women? (hmm)