981 – First Kiss Rejection…Sucks!

First dates are awkward, but the most important  awkward moment (especially on a date) is the first kiss.

It’s an awesome feeling when you get to that moment when your faces are inches from each other and you know your date could pull away from you if she chose to, but she leans in and meets your lips half-way. It’s a lot of awkward when she doesn’t. That’s when things start to get awkward.

You tried to make your move. You went for the kiss. She blew you out! “WTF!?”  If you made your move at the end of the night (rookie mistake) then I’m sorry bro, you’re going to have to be on your A-game next time…MWAHAHA! Every fool in the world knows that you don’t leave the first kiss to the end of the night…this is one of the reasons why. 😛

You know what James Bondwould do in this situation, right? He’d fire off a witty comment,  she’d laugh, loosen up and he’d have the girl’s tongue down his throat a minute later.
But you’re no Bond are you? Chances are that you’re not particularly witty, or funny, or charming, and you probably have no idea how to seduce a woman. What you and the rest of us do in this situation is try to make a joke to lighten things up, which just makes the situation even more awkward.

Your ego starts talking and you blurt out something like; “You just blew me out….. ouch!”. It is an awkward moment. The dynamic between you two shifts. You, are feeling vulnerable, slightly rejected and a lotta awkward. She, is feeling a little guilty, self concious and a lotta awkward too.

Fortunately for you, this is one of those awkward moments that only lingers for as long as you let it, so you’d better keep talking. Unfortunately for you, if you don’t perfect the next attempt, you’re probably going to have to go home with complete certainty, that you will probably never see that girl naked.

First kiss rejection – AWKWARD!!

Is it different from a woman’s perspective? Do tell…. 🙂