982 – Being Thanked Over & Over Again

Is it weird that I dislike being thanked?
It is?…oh!

Well I do. When I do something for someone, I don’t do it to receive some form of gratitude from them, I do it because it was the right thing to do. I’m not saying I don’t expect a person to show me any gratitude for a favour, but usually all I need to hear is the phrase “Thank you, I really appreciate that.” That’s all I need from you, now I know you own me one (and I will come collecting one day mwahahah!)

Hear’s where things get a little awkward. Sometimes you’ll come across someone that obviously desperately in need of assistance (starving homeless man, lost pet, hungry children) and from the goodness of your heart you decide to go out of your way to help. I understand the need people have have to be grateful, but:
“Thank you”, “Thank you for doing this”, “I really appreciate this”, “Thank you so much”, “I owe you for this”, “I don’t know how I’ll ever pay you back”, “Really, thank you for this.”
Sometimes they’ll start referring to you as “sir” or “Mr” or “Boss”.

I cringe when I’m thanked, but when someone seems compelled to show you just how grateful they are and that they start to go overboard awkwardness ensues. Maybe I dislike the dynamic that being thanked creates, (he dynamic that I’m somehow put on a pedestal by the person I’m helping) that really rubs me the wrong way. Maybe the cynic within me really thinks “You don’t really mean it, you’re just saying all this stuff because you’re expected to”.

To the cynics in the world out there, being excessively thanked is…kinda awkward!! 😛