983 – Being In The Room When Two Friends Start Fighting

When two friends fight, and I mean REALLY fight, everyone else around them gets sucked into it. Being caught in a room that suddenly turns into the battle ground for their dispute is difficult and can be excruciatingly awkward.

Nothing has caused more destruction than love (which is ironic if you think about it), so more often than not when these situations erupt, it’s got something to do with it. Being caught in the middle forces you to make a difficult decision and unfortunately the options available to you are as awkward as the next.

You only have 3 available to you. You could:

  • Stay silent & let the fight run its Entire course

Let’s call this one the Jersey Shore Method. You sit in the room and watch the whole thing go down in complete silence, which is a smart option if you’re dealing with two lovers. The last thing you want is to get sucked into a lover’s quarrel. You have no place voicing your opinion here…ever. Don’t even try.

The Jersey Shore Method is also great when you don’t really know your friends that well.  Like if you’re the newbie in the group and you don’t fully understand the dynamics of the group yet.  In that situation, keep quiet and let everyone else handle it. Even if they jump in, don’t take sides, you will only end up isolating yourself.

Staying silent will be AWKWARD. Especially if the quarrelling couple starts asking you direct questions…say nothing, just shrug.

  • Try To Be The Mediator

We’ll call this the Diplomat’s Method. Very few people are effective diplomats. It requires impartiality, patience and maturity (most of us are non of those things). As a mediator your goal in the fight is to get your friends to calm down and act like grown ups (unfortunately most adults turn into teenagers when they get upset, so good luck with that :P).

This is a bad option if you are already emotionally invested in the fight or if you strongly disagree with one friend. You can’t be the calm voice in the room if you can’t be impartial. Stopping a spitting match is NOT easy…you may have to physically boss them around before they’ll listen to you.

  • Pick A Side

Who are we kidding, most of us end up picking a side. When two people strongly disagree on something, you’re guaranteed to find yourself agreeing with one over the other. Interestingly this is probably the least awkward option of the bunch. Picking a side means you don’t really have to do anything other than scream “Yeah!” every once in a while in support.

You don’t actually need to hold an opinion sometimes. If you dislike one friend for your own reason already, you will have no problem standing against them, so do it.  Of course picking sides means you effectively ruin one friendship for the good of the other.
It gets awkward however when you find yourself on the smaller side of the conflict, as the only person that supported the wrong person. Next time, maybe try the Jersey Shore Method 😉

Being stuck in a room with feuding friends…AWKWARD!!

*Note: Is there another option that I’m missing? Tell me, what would you do?