989 – Listening To Your Crush, Crushing On Someone Else

The friend zone sucks!

It’s like a little black hole in your heart that keeps sucking the sexuality out of you. Once you’ve been friend-zoned, it’s very rare that you’ll come back from it. As a result, most people chose to hold onto their feelings and live in the hope that “maybe one day the moment willcome.”

With all those bottled up feelings inside, the most awkward (& difficult) thing to hear from your crush, is to listen to them talking about somebody else. They tell you how amazing this other person is, or how good in bed he/she is and how funny or beautiful they are.

You find yourself complimenting this other person, telling your “friend” how great this other person sounds and congratulating them for finding someone like that.   You sit there  talking about this other person like any good friend should, but inside you’re dying. You can’t suddenly blurt out your feelings now, that could destroy your relationship.

You fight through to the end of what is possibly the most awkward conversation you two have ever had, and the worst part is; your “friend” probably still have no clue how awkward it was for you, or how you feel.