990 – Tripping Up In Front Of Strangers (The Scatter Trip)

Nothing ruins a stranger’s façade of dignity & grace likencrashing & burning in public. It’s awkward. Sure. But the worst fall to experience is, without a doubt, the Scatter-Trip

You were probably in a hurry. Your bag was wide open, maybe you were searching for something. Your phone is wedged between your ear & shoulder and you probably had too many things in your hands. Why didn’t you stop walking to concentrate on what you were doing?
But it’s at that very moment that you hit something. Maybe it a crooked tile on the pavement. You miss a step. Suddenly you find yourself fall face first onto the pavement. You try to compensate, but it’s too late, you come splashing down.
Your phone hits the ground and dismantles itself (damn cheap phone!), the coins in your pockets scatter and your bag’s contents scatter themselves all over the street. Now you have to try and pick yourself up with as much dignity as you can master. You look up and everyone’s staring. Some jerk is laughing…there’s always the jerk who laughs.

Normally you’d have picked yourself up and hurried off, hiding your face. Unfortunately this is a Scatter Trip. Everything you own is scattered all over the street and you have to go through the humiliating experience of searching for it all. After about 45 seconds of searching, you decide that you can’t stand the feeling of humiliation any more.
You cut your losses and disappear.

Ahh, freudenschade…AWKWARD!!!