992 – Walking Into The Wrong Toilets

Creativity is great, We all love creative ideas, but sometimes certain situations call for simplicity and messing with things is bound to create awkward situations for everybody.
Case in point; toilet signs that are just too damn clever for their own good.

There should be a law against confusing public toilet signs, especially in places that serve alcohol. Sometimes when nature calls, she screams at the top of her lungs and you’re just too in a rush to stop and evaluate the damn signs.

You’re drunk & really pressed, you make a run for the loo hoping there isn’t a queue. You find the toilets, glance at the signs, make a quick judgement call, walk in and do your deed.  Feeling relieved you turn around and notice a woman standing there, staring at you, with genuine surprise on her face.
“What are you doing in here?” you ask. “I think this is the women’s bathroom.” she responds, slightly confused herself at this point. “Is it?! Ae you sure?”, “Yeah, I think so.”awkward moment ensues… ).

Now you look like either an idiot that can’t read signs, a weirdo that doesn’t follow normal social etiquette or a pervert that likes to go into women’s bathrooms. All of which you could have avoided if the place had just made the signs easy to understand
Keep the toilet signs simple!!…AWKWARD!