993 – Walking In The Same Direction, After Saying Goodbye

This is a funny one.

You know how sometimes, maybe at the end of a date or a drink with a new friend, you get outside ready to part ways and you’ve both mention other prior engagements you have to get to. You might be having a fantastic time together, so you both unconsciously decide to spent 5 more minutes together, to get closure from your interesting conversation

Ten minutes pass and you finally feel comfortable with the idea of parting ways. It feels right, the conversation is done and you you’ve both run out of stuff to talk about. You say your final goodbyes, you tell each other how much fun you both had and share a hug.

You turn to walk away and you notice that your “friend” has started walking in the same exact same direction as you are. “Oh! Are you going in the same direct?!” you ask. “Yeah I’m catching the train from here” they respond. Look at that, you happen to be going right past that station…fantastic!  😐

You could have had your final chat as you walked to the station, now you’re stuck with someone that you’ve run out of things to talk about with. You walk in relative silence, the conversation is sporadic and you can tell that both of you aren’t into the conversation. You’re only talking because NOT talking would far more awkward.

It’s like your brain had already resigned to the fact that you were going to be alone, so shut down your ability to generate spontaneous conversation. Instead it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find something…anything to talk about. It draws a blank. You’re left with either talking about the weather or bringing up something boring from your previous conversation.

It’s only filler at this point, you both know it.

When you finally get to the station you’re forced to replay (and frankly ruin) what was a previously fantastic “goodbye dance”. You share a hug and awkwardly say your goodbyes again, but for some reason the phrase, “I had fun” starts to sound disingenuous. Even the goodbye dance itself feels wrong, like a cheap imitation copy of a real one. The awkward walk ruined everything.

Walking in the same direction, after your goodbyes is…AWKWARD!! 😛