994 – When She Calls You Daddy & You Don’t Like It

Note: this doesn’t necessarily relate to just during sex, but in every aspect of the relationship.

There are two schools opposing schools of thought on the issue of calling your man “Daddy”.

One side (Pro-Daddy) is perfectly fine with it. They consider “Daddy” a term of endearment. To men that enjoy it, the term represents protector, strength and leadership and it encompasses all of the good qualities that women recognise in them.

The other side (Anti-Daddy) is wholly creeped out  by the very notion of it.  The idea of associating someone they are sleeping with, with their parents elicits an “Eewww!” response . Most Anti-Daddies still refuse to accept that their parents had sex in order to conceive them. To them, Mom & Dad are mortal gods that miraculously created life out of thin air.

I am an Anti-Daddy, which makes it unfortunate that I had to hear the phrase “Come here Daddy” uttered to me during what was supposed to be sexy time. Needless to say, I lost my sexy that night and I couldn’t bring the sexy back (which frankly speaking, was another awkward moment of it’s own). The minute an Anti-Daddy hears that word he immediately flashes back to an image of his father ( which is not a good thing in that situation btw). By sheer word association, he flashes to images of your mother too. It’s too weird.

How did it even become acceptable, to  say that to someone you’re sleeping with in the first place. I understand that in Latin culture Papi is a perfectly acceptable term for addressing a lover. That is a completely cultural thing, fine, but the question is, how did  it become allowable in the western world where culture has had little to no influence  on it? Is it moms & dads that get used to calling each other that for the kids. Or maybe it’s women  that come from broken homes, with daddy issues? Could be.

Either way, it’s still pretty damn…AWKWARD!