996 – All Alone On Valentine’s Day

Being alone on Valentine’s sucks!

I know for a fact that every single single-person in the world today, dislikes Valentine’s.  Even some people who might be in healthy relationships will openly declare how much they hate Valentine’s day.

For the few couples that are in happy (usually budding) relationships, Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year. It’s the one day of the year where men who are usually “too cool for school”, openly express their love to the women in their lives and women with lovers finally get to live their favourite Disney moment.

Single people scoff at all the Valentine’s day conventions. The roses, the red balloons, the bouquets, the PDA (oh god the PDA) and the annoying TV adverts. They all they seem disingenuous. Although to be fair

Valentine’s weeks is the one day a single-person feels ashamed and uncomfortable being around couples. Every conversation you have with someone in a relationship is very likely going to lead to the one question a single-person dreads to hear; “What are you doing on Valentines?, to which the only honest answer is a muffled “Nothing”.

Women tend to feel the shame of Valentine’s more than men do. I’ve heard stories of certain women that secretly send flowers to themselves, just to convince the people around them that they do have a man out there who cares. That is truly sad.

Being alone on Valentine’s feels like you’re walking around with the word “loser” stamped onto your forehead…it sucks.