997 – The first phone call

Every time a male protagonist makes a phone call for the first time to his love interest, he’s always charming and he always seems to be completely comfortable talking to a woman that is a relative stranger to him.

This is not always the case in real life.

In reality, the first phone conversation with a woman (or man – I am writing this from a guy’s perspective ladies, but I’m sure you can relate) can be one of the most awkward conversations two people can have.
Sometimes you might not be used to the voice of the person you’re talking to, maybe it’s their accent, the terminology they use, the humour they employ. It could just be their speak pattern. But as often the case, sometimes you both realise that sober, you two just don’t have anything is common.

With this conversational minefield to navigate, some guys just tend to chicken out and never call. Unfortunately, the importance of the first phone call cannot be underestimated, a bad or awkward first conversation can quickly turn off a formerly eager love interest.

So after sitting on a phone number for a while, you finally decide to take the leap and dial it, it rings. Part of you starts to wish that she doesn’t pick the phone up so you have a good excuse out of this. It keeps ringing, and just when you’re about to hang up, conflicted feelings of relief (for not having to endure the awkward conversation that would have very likely ensued) and disappointment going through your head, a charming voice answers the phone.

Voice: Hello
You : Oh hi!…Ah…is this Sam?
Voice: Yes
You : Hi! It’s me, [insert name] from Saturday night. Remember? Blue shirt, with the hat?
Voice: Oh yeah, Hi! 😀
You : Hi! (you have just said Hi 3 times already) How are you?
Voice: I’m fine! You?
You : Fine! Ah, what you up to?
Voice: Nothing, I’m just doing my hair.
You : Yeah cool! I just thought I’d call and say Hi
[blah blah blah]

This uncomfortable conversation will continue like this for about 3 minutes with either side not really saying anything of importance, both desperately grasping at straws trying to hit on a topic that might spark mutual interest.
After 10 minutes of conversation, if you didn’t hit it off, you can kiss the idea of ever seeing that person out in person, goodbye.

The first phone conversation IS…AWKWARD!