1000 – The Elevator Stranger

You work on the 18th floor and everyone knows that only John, the health freak in accounting is crazy enough to use the stairs this high up. The rest of us lazy s.o.b’s alway take the elevator.

There’s nothing more awkward than an elevator ride with a complete stranger. You stand there, in this cramped little space, forced to stand just close enough to each other that it’s weird.

You stand there staring at the floor numbers slowly counting down. You catch a glimpse of the stranger standing next to you and he’s got a blank expression on his face, doing the exact same thing.
So what do you do now? Do you crack a joke? Do you say hello?

If you think about it, you have no idea what kind of person you have standing next to you. For all you know you’ve just walked into the elevator with the elevator farter. Maybe you’re stuck in there with a claustrophobe who’ll start to freak out between floors and curl up into a weeping ball in the corner.
What could you really do if the elevator stranger suddenly decides that he doesn’t like your face. You can’t take off and run like a normal person.

Everytime you use the elevator, you essentially put yourself in a position where you have no choice but to fight, should the situation suddenly turn less than comfortable. Maybe that’s why it’s so awkward.

Next time, just take the stairs. It’s healthier.