1001 – Oops, I Accidentally Spit On Your Face.

When your friend accidentally spits on your face...awkward!

You’re having an awesome conversation with your best pal. He’s halfway through the joke he promised you would find hilarious. Then you see it.

Almost in slow motion, a tiny glob of spit leaps from his lips and lands squarely on your cheek. “Did he just spit on my face?” you think to yourself. “Did he notice that he just spat on my face?”

OF COURSE he noticed!  You know he noticed itand he knows you noticed it, but you both stand there continuing this charade of a conversation. You’re not going to wipe it off quickly. Why?  Because you’re a nice guy and you don’t want your friend to feel like he disgusts you.

It’s only saliva after all. By this time you’ve completely lost track of whatever he was talking about. You don’t care anymore. You’ve been focusing on the spit-ball stuck to your face, waiting for the acceptable amount of time to pass so you can nonchalantly brush it off and pretend it never happened.

Does he apologise? No.
Do you bring it up? No.
It’s like the unwritten laws of spit-balling are at work my friend.