How do you handle an awkward moment?

How do you tell what your friends are really like, deep down?

It’s in the small moments in life when they are put in a position they couldn’t possibly preempt, and all they have to do is react.

In the awkward moment, some people hide, some laugh, some just stay silent and the wittiest of us will probably fire off a clever quip that quickly diffuses the wierd into the humourous.

Us mortals (the ones that weren’t the class clown at school) just aren’t built to be that funny. If you’ve ever heard a bad stand up comedian, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

So what do we do? I’ll tell you what I do. I shut the hell up and swallow it. One of my biggest problems has been my innate ability to grind people’s gears in one badly timed, badly thought sentence. Speaking at any of these awkward moments in my life, would be like asking to play word Russian roulette.

So I do what everyone else does and stay silent. After all, you’re 90% more likely to make it worse… (according to anyway), so just accept the awkwardness and ride it out…to it’s very end.

So after years of frustration, of holding in all the weirdness I’ve gone through, I thought I’d use this blog as an outlet to laugh at the things I didn’t have the cajones to laugh at in the moment.

Everyday I live, I experience the weirdness you experience…maybe this time I’ll have someone to laugh with.